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Makeeff Enterprises LLP

Russell Makeeff, Owner

Improved Rotor Kit for Axial Flow Combines

This improved rotor kit for combines effectively prevents vines and stalks of crop plants from wrapping about and binding up the rotor, making it virtually impossible for the combine harvester to function properly. This rotor conversion allows the material to keep moving through the machine for better separation of crop from vines and straw with little or no chance of plugging , reducing costly down time and expenses, plus increasing production.

1. Requires less power
2. Use less fuel
3. Start earlier in the morning
4. Work late at night

5. Harvest faster in tough conditions
6. Reduce crop damage
7. Works in all conditions

Dealer inquiries welcome or for nearest dealer contact:

Makeeff Enterprises LLP
1039 8th Ave NW
Mercer ND 58559

1-701-447-2467 or Fax 1-701-447-2470


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