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Mercer Volunteer Fire Department

Organized October 10, 1968

Fire Chief: Tom Wagner

Assistant Fire Chief: Darren Murray

Member Status: All Volunteer

26 Active member, (14 certified at Firefighter I, 2 certified at Firefighter II, 6 EMS 1rst Responder)

4 Active Junior Firefighters

8 Reserve

Training and Monthly meetings every 3rd Tuesday of each month.


1996 Chevy 1 Ton Crew Cab 4x4 Quick Response 250 gallon

1989 Chevy 1 Ton Crew Cab 4x4 Brush Fighter

1974 Chevy 2.5 Ton 1650 gallon Tanker - Cooperative with ND Forest Service

1968 Chevy 2 Ton 650 gallon, 500 gpm pumper

1963 Dodge 1 Ton Crew Cab 4x4 Brush Fighter

1989 Chevy equipment van. Cooperative with ND Forest Service.


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